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Frequently asked questions

Can Mobile Pixels DUEX Pro work with MAC or PC?

Mobile Pixels DUEX Pro can work with all operating systems. This includes Mac OS, Windows, Linux, Chrome!

I am using Windows laptop, my Duex Pro suddenly doesn’t work, what should I do?

Please follow the procedure below: Firstly, unplug your display. Then uninstall the driver using this https://www.displaylink.com/downloads/file?d=64 and Reinstall the driver using this https://www.displaylink.com/downloads/file?id=1420 Right click on the exe file and select run as admin. Connect display via USB A, and leave it connected for 2 minutes.

I am using a Mac laptop (Catalina system), my DUEX Pro doesn’t work/turn on the first time when I plug in, what can I do?

For all Mac users, please make sure your current operating system is above 10.12. If not, please upgrade your operating system and then get it to work. If you are using Catalina System, please download the DisplayLink macOS App PREVIEW – Beta https://www.displaylink.com/downloads/file?id=1498 and follow the installation guide below:https://support.displaylink.com/knowledgebase/articles/1932214-displaylink-macos-app-introduction-installation If you are using Mojave or High Sierra, please download the corresponding driver. https://www.displaylink.com/downloads/macos

I am using Chromebook, my DUEX Pro doesn’t work/turn on the first time when I plug in, what can I do?

No driver needed for any Chrome laptop. You just need to plug your monitor and wait for around 5 mins.

What is the display coating of the screen?

Anti-Glare/Matte finish.

Can Mobile Pixels DUEX Pro brightness be adjusted?

Yes, the brightness is adjustable.

Is it possible to plug in 2 DUEX PRO screens to my computer if I have enough ports for it?

Yes, as long as you can enough ports for it, you will be able to run multiple DUEX PROs. But you might not be able to attach both of them to the back of your laptop. But the extra kickstand would help.

Can I buy more adhesives later?

Yes! you can buy more sets later from our online store at a very cheap price.

Will Mobile Pixels DUEX Pro work with iPhone or other smart phones?

Mobile Pixels DUEX Pro will not work with iPhones, or any other smartphones.

What is the thickness of Mobile Pixels DUEX Pro?

Mobile Pixels DUEX Pro is 0.48” thick, so when you attach it to the back of the laptop, it will stick our 0.48”.

Is there a short how-to video of the setup (hardware) with a laptop so that everyone can get a better insight into the setup?

We will have a full step by step instructions manual with the product which will be very helpful in the setup. I will also try to get a how-to-video for you!

What’s the color gamut like compared to standard Mac models?

The current panel displays at 1080P resolution.

My DUEX Pro is mirroring my laptop screen, how can I change this?(Windows Users)

Right click on your desktop while DUEX Pro is connected and choose “Display Setting”. Then you should either see this screen or the one at next Section. If you have a duplicate screen and want to change it to extend mode, click on the “Duplicate these displays” drop down box. When the dropdown box is opened, choose “Extend these displays”. Then click “Apply”. Now you are in Extend Mode.

My DUEX Pro is mirroring my laptop screen, how can I change this?(Mac Users)

Plug your monitor, go to “System Preferences- Display-Arrangement”, uncheck the “Mirror Displays” box.

My DUEX Pro screen is upside down, how can I change this?(Windows Users)

When you are already in “Extend mode”, click on the 2nd screen icon. Then open the Orientation drop down box and change it from “Landscape” to “Landscape (flipped)”- Click “Apply”- Move the 2nd display icon from the right to the left of the 1st display by simply “Drag and Drop” it. Click “Apply” to finish the setting of the lay out.

My DUEX Pro screen is upside down, how can I change this?(Mac Users)

If you are using Catalina and DisplayLink macOS App, you can only use the monitor on the right side. If you are using any other system, please plug your monitor and go to “System Preferences- Display-Arrangement- Display-Rotation- choose 180 degree”.

When I connect to my Windows device, I get a message stating that "USB Device Not Recognized or Malfunctioned"

Please reconnect the USB cable to the display flipped, meaning having the cable point up