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Frequently asked questions

Can Mobile Pixels Inc TRIO work with MacOS or PC?

YES! Mobile Pixels Inc TRIO can work with Mac OS, Windows, Linux and Chrome!

My TRIO is mirroring my laptop screen, how can I change this? (Windows Users)

Right click on your desktop while TRIO is connected and choose “Display Setting”. Click on the “Duplicate these displays” drop down box. When the dropdown box is opened, choose “Extend these displays”. Then click “Apply”. Now you are in Extend Mode.

My TRIO is mirroring my laptop screen, how can I change this? (MacOS Users)

Plug your monitor, go to “System Preferences- Display-Arrangement”, uncheck the “Mirror Displays” box. For Catalina user using USB A port, if you want to use your screen on the left side, please download the driver but not DisplayLink Manager App.

I connect my TRIO Max, the screen doesn't turn on but says "please wait"

Please make sure that the USB cable connect to the correct USB port on the TRIO Max. Make sure it is connected to the port with a FILLED IN CIRCLE not the port with the POWER PLUG.

If I want TRIO Max on my left side but my display is upside down, what should I do?

Please go to display settings and select "landscape flipped" under display orientation.

If you are a Catalina user using the USB A port, please download the newest DisplayLink driver, but not the DisplayLink Manager App.

Is this compatible with the upgraded DUEX Pro?

It will work with the Duex Pro, but you cannot mount them together. The kickstand will be required.

What operating systems is TRIO Max compatible with?

TRIO and TRIO MAX are compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome,Android and Nintendo Switch.

Is this touch screen?

No, it is display monitor when you mount it to the laptop so that touch screen is not necessity whereas it would increase the cost.

How many TRIO Max's do I need for three screens?

You would need to buy 2 Trio Maxs. It will come with the clip mechanism that allows you to clip two TRIO MAXs together for a total of THREE screens.

What cable specs are required to run the monitors at its full capabilities? I want to purchase two retractable USB-C to USB-A 2.0 cables so that there

You need USB 3.1 spec cables.

My laptop is Microsoft Surface which only has 1 USB port, I ordered 2 TRIO Max screens, what should I do?

You will need to use a powered USB hub to power 2 screens.